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You have goals and dreams that require money. Let Iowa Savings Bank help you achieve all your dreams by helping you manage your money with one of our savings account options below. Contact us to start saving today!


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Savings account for family

ISB Prime Savings

You need a savings account that puts your money to work. The ISB Prime Savings account does just that. This savings account offers premium interest rates and is designed to pair with our ISB Prime Checking Account. Let us help you save for your future!

ISB Savings

Our basic savings account designed to make savings simple and easy! Our low minimum required balance and service fees make this a great introductory product for someone just getting started on saving.

Health Savings Account

A Health Savings Account (HSA) helps you plan for the unexpected. Health Savings Accounts are available for individuals and families with a High Deductible Health Care Plan (HDHP).

Educational Savings Account

A Coverdell Educational Savings Account (ESA) is a smart way to save for your child’s (or grandchild’s) education. When used to pay for qualified educational expenses, ESAs provide tax-free growth and withdrawals. Even better, ESAs aren’t just for college--they can also be used to save and pay for elementary and high school tuition expenses.