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Board Of Directors

Directors play a critical role in overseeing the affairs of the bank. Directors understand that if they neglect to carry out their fiduciary duties and responsibilities, they may be financially liable if the bank fails or experiences loss. Directors are placed in a position of trust by the bank’s shareholders, and both statutes and common law place responsibility for the affairs of a bank firmly and squarely on the board of directors.


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The Board of Directors of a bank should delegate the day-to-day routine of conducting the bank’s business to its officers and employees, but the board cannot delegate its responsibility for the consequences of unsound or imprudent policies and practices, whether they involve lending, investing, protecting against internal fraud, or any other banking activity.

The Board of Directors is responsible to the bank’s depositors, other creditors, and shareholders for safeguarding their interests through the lawful, informed, efficient, and able administration of the institution. In the exercise of their duties, directors are governed by federal and state banking, securities, and antitrust statutes, as well as by common law, which imposes a liability on directors of all corporations. - Federal Reserve

Board Of Directors

  • Bill Hess
  • Tom Farner
  • Dierk Halverson
  • Gene Vincent
  • Richard Fulton
  • Cathy Rottinghaus
  • Mike McLaughlin